Sustainable Development

Water saving

Guests staying for longer stays must use a special token to obtain changes of sheets or towels. We educate our customers to maximize water savings

We save thousands liters of water per year.

No single-use soap or cream

We offer great quality high quality soaps from dispensers.

This way, we avoid to use over 46 000 plastic container per year from single-use products.

Minimal use of paper

Our housekeeping team is working with digital technologies on mobile devices. Since we made this change, our ecological footprint has been reduced and we use about 6000 less paper sheets per year. Our customers have the choice to get their bills only by email.

No water bottles

Since this major decision, our hotel has given a hand to the environment by removing 9 000 water bottles per year from the circulation. They were offered for free at the checkout as well as in the rooms.

No wallpaper in the rooms

Wallpapers are vinyl or PVC based. For that reason, our hotel has taken the decision to not use them in our rooms.

This way, we reduced again the use of plastic in our establishment.

Eco-responsible products

All of our cleaning products are biodegradable and eco-responsible.

No plastic keycards

Hotels that use keycards for rooms consume a significant amount of plastic every year. Unfortunately, at least 15% of customers do not return their keycards and the establishment has to replace them.

Our hotel made the ecological choice to use a conventionnal key system that allows us to save over 3600 plastic keycards per year. Also, conventionnal keys are safer than keycards because they are impossible to hack.